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Where to find answers to frequently asked questions on Microsoft PowerPoint? I want to know how to create slide show, how to use styles, etc.



Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by team about Microsoft PowerPoint:

General Questions on Microsoft PowerPoint

List of Microsoft PowerPoint Versions

What Version of PowerPoint Am I Using?

Determine Version of PowerPoint in Office 365

What Is PowerPoint Viewer?

Recording Audio with PowerPoint

Screen Recording as Video with PowerPoint

Converting PowerPoint to/from Other Format

Creating PowerPoint Show Files

Convert PowerPoint Presentation to PDF

Convert PowerPoint Presentation to Image Files

Resolution Used to Save PowerPoint to Image

Convert PowerPoint Presentation to Video

Convert Older Version Presentation to Current PowerPoint

Create Presentations for Older Versions of PowerPoint

Using Password to Stop Others Opening PowerPoint Files

Using Password to Stop Others Editing PowerPoint Files

Understanding PowerPoint File Types

Different File Types Used by PowerPoint

What Is the File Extension .pptx?

Unzip PowerPoint .pptx Files

What Is a PowerPoint Template (.potx) File?

Unzip PowerPoint Template .potx Files

What Is a PowerPoint Show (.ppsx) File?

Unzip PowerPoint Show .ppsx Files

Adding Contents to PowerPoint Slides

Adding Comments on PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Turning On or Off Comments on PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Adding Pictures to PowerPoint Slides

Adding Tables to PowerPoint Slides

Adding Diagrams on PowerPoint Slides

Apply Changes to Multiple Shapes on PowerPoint

Aligning Shapes on PowerPoint Slides

Adding Charts on PowerPoint Slides

Adding SmartArt on PowerPoint Slides

Adding Slide Numbers and Copyright in Footer in PowerPoint

Changing the Background Color Style in PowerPoint

Applying Built-in Themes in PowerPoint

Adding Audio Clip to PowerPoint Slides

Adding Video Clip to PowerPoint Slides

PowerPoint Slid Master, Layout and Template

What Is a Slide Master in PowerPoint

Adding New Slide Masters in PowerPoint

What Is a Layout in PoewerPoint

Adding New Layouts to Slide Master in PowerPoint

Add or Change Title on a Layout in PowerPoint

Add or Change Footer on a Layout in PowerPoint

Add Slide Number on a Layout in PowerPoint

Change Background on a Layout in PowerPoint

Turn Of and Off Footers on Slides in PowerPoint

Creating a New PowerPoint Template

Creating New Presentation from PowerPoint Template

Controlling PowerPoint Show Behavior

Adding Hyperlinks to Other Slides in PowerPoint

Drawing Annotations during Slide Show in PowerPoint

What Are Slide Transition Effects in PowerPoint

Adding Slide Transition Effects

Adding Animation Effects on Text or Shapes in PowerPoint

Adding Background Music in PowerPoint Slide Show

Creating Video with PowerPoint Slide Show

Controlling PowerPoint Output Video Quality

Programming Macro Code in PowerPoint

Adding Developer Tab back in the Menu Ribbon

Adding ActiveX Controls like Command Buttons

Error Message When Saving PowerPoint with Macros

Saving PowerPoint with Macros in *.pptm Format

Creating Macros with VB Code in PowerPoint

Testing Macros without Slide Show in PowerPoint

Creating Command Buttons to Run Macros in PowerPoint

Questions on Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

Starting PowerPoint 2013 from Command Line

File Types Saved by PowerPoint 2013

File Types Opened by PowerPoint 2013

Questions on Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Using Presentation Template Provided by PowerPoint 2010

Questions on Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

Starting PowerPoint 2007 from Command Line

Starting PowerPoint 2007 Viewer from Command Line

What Are Different File Types Used by PowerPoint 2007

Files Stored inside PowerPoint 2007 .pptx Files

Converting a PowerPoint 2007 File into Web Pages

Warning Message on Web Pages Generated by PowerPoint 2007

Check Spelling as You Type in PowerPoint 2007

Adding Animation Effects in PowerPoint 2007

Turning on Developer Tab in PowerPoint 2007

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General Questions on Microsoft PowerPoint

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