Add Slide Number on a Layout in PowerPoint


How to add Slide number on a layout in PowerPoint? I want my slides to display Slide numbers on the location.



Yes, you can easily add Slide numbers on layouts in a Slide master in 6 steps:

1. Click the View tab. You see the View tab menu showing up.

2. Click the Slide Master icon in the Master Views group. PowerPoint changes the presentation editing view to slide master editing view.

3. Select the layout you want to change.

4. Check the "Footer" checkbox in the "Master Layouts" icon group. The default footer line will be added to the layout with 3 parts: current date, footer text, and slide number.

5. Edit the slide number part on the right side. Or move it the header area of the layout, if you like. Or add a text box with "‹#›" to display the slide number anywhere. Note that the angle bracket signs used for the slide number are not the normal angle bracket signs. So "<#>" will not work.

6. Go back to the normal view.

Now all slides based this layout will have the slide number displayed.

Note that you need change the footer on other layouts too to ensure slides based on other layouts to have the same look and feel on their slide numbers.


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