Starting PowerPoint 2007 Viewer from Command Line


How to start PowerPoint 2007 Viewer from a command line? I am a command-line person. Can I start PowerPoint viewer from a command line prompt to run a presentation as a slide show?



Yes, you can start PowerPoint 2007 viewer to run presentation as a slide show in 2 ways:

1. Click Start and Run. Then enter "pptview options filename" followed by clicking OK.

2. Start a command line window. Then enter "pptview options filename" followed by the Enter key.

If you have trouble running "pptview", you may need to use the full path name of: "c:\program files\microsoft office\office12\pptview"

PowerPoint 2007 viewer supports a number of nice command line options:

  • /D - Display the Open dialog box when the presentation ends to allow you to open another presentation.
  • /L Read a playlist of PowerPoint presentations contained within a text file to allow to run a slid show cross multiple presentation files.
  • /N# - Open the presentation at a specified slide number, instead of slide #1.
  • /S - Start the Office PowerPoint Viewer 2007 without showing the splash screen.
  • /P - Send the presentation to a printer, and print the file.


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