Turn Of and Off Footers on Slides in PowerPoint


How to turn off or turn off footer elements on one or all slides in PowerPoint?

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PowerPoint has two levels of control on footer elements: Date, Footer text, and Slide Number.

1. Layout Level - Footer elements can be added or removed on a layout. For example, if the Slide Number is added on a layout, all slides based this layout will display slide numbers in the footer area.

2. Slide Level - Footer elements can be turned on or off on one slide or all slides. For example, if the Slide Number is turned off on a slide, this slide will not display the slide number, even its layout has the slide number defined.

You can easily turn on or turn off slide elements on one slide or all slides in 6 steps:

1. In the normal slide view, click the Insert tab. You see the Insert tab menu showing up.

2. Click the Header & Footer icon in the Text group. You see the Header & Footer dialog box showing up.

3. Change the options below to turn on or turn off different footer elements:

[ ] Date and time
   o Update automatically
      Format style
   o Fixed date
[x] Slide number
[ ] Footer
   (any text)
[ ] Don't show on title slide

4. Click "Apply" button or "Apply to All" button.

Changes will be applied.

See the picture below:
PowerPoint Turn on or Off Footer on Slides


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