What Is a PowerPoint Show (.ppsx) File?


What is a PowerPoint Show (.ppsx) File? What is the difference between .ppsx and .pptx files?

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A PowerPoint Show file has an extension of .ppsx, representing a PowerPoint file saved in Slid Show mode.

If you have PowerPoint installed on your computer and double-click on a PowerPoint Show .ppsx file, PowerPoint will open it automatically in Slid Show mode, not in Edit mode.

If you compare a regular PowerPoint (.pptx) file with a PowerPoint Show (.ppsx) file, you will see no differences except the default opening mode: a .pptx file will be opened in Edit mode by default, and a .ppsx will be opened in Slid Show mode.

If you want to open a PowerPoint Show (.ppsx) file in Edit mode, you can launch PowerPoint first, then use the File > Open menu to open the .ppsx file.


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