Adding SmartArt on PowerPoint Slides


How to add a SmartArt on a PowerPoint slide? I want to show the growth of my sales revenue.



You can easily add a chart on any PowerPoint slide in 5 steps.

1. Open the slide that you want to add the picture on.

2. Click the Insert tab. You see the Insert tab menu showing up.

3. Click the SmartArt icon. You see the "Choose a SmartArt Graphics" dialog box showing up with different style groups listed:

All - All styles
List - Styles to build a nice list
Process - Styles to show a sequential process
Cycle - Styles to show a repeating lifecycle
Hierarchy - Styles to show an hierarchy structure
Relationship - Style to show relationships
Matrix - Styles to show matrix of elements
Pyramid - Styles to show pyramid relations
Picture - Styles to organize pictures - Styles provided by

4. Select the "Cycle" style group and click "Continuous Cycle" style. Then click "OK". You see a sample SmartArt diagram added to your slide.

5. Enter text content and modify the diagram as needed. See the picture below:

PowerPoint Add SmartArt to Slides
PowerPoint Add SmartArt to Slides


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