Adding Animation Effects in PowerPoint 2007


How to add animation effects on text and objects in PowerPoint 2007? I have a complex diagram that have 4 parts connected together. Can I create an animation to add one part each time when I click the button in slide show view?



Yes, you can easily create an animation of text, shapes or objects in 5 steps in PowerPoint 2007:

1. Press and drag the mouse to slect the first part of the diagram. The selected part will be highlighted.

2. Click the Animation tab. You see the Animation tab menu showing up.

3. Click the "Custom Animation" in the "Animations" menu group. You see the Custom Animation pane showing up.

4. In the Add Effect list, select Entrance, then select Fly In. The first animation item will be added in the animation item list.

5. Select On Click in the Start option list. Select From Top in the Direction option list. Select Medium from the Speed option list.

6. Repeat this process for other parts of the diagram. This picture shows the Custom Animatino pane:

PowerPoint 2007 Custom Animation
PowerPoint 2007 Custom Animation


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