Adding New Slide Masters in PowerPoint


How to add a new slide master in PowerPoint? I have 2 slide masters in the current template. They contain slide layouts good enough to create normal slide presentations. If I want to create some new slide layouts for my photo presentations, can I put my new slide layouts in a new slide master?



Yes, you can easily create a new slide master and store all your new slide layouts in the new slide master in 4 steps:

Here is how to see all slide masters in the current template:

1. Click the View tab. You see the View tab menu showing up.

2. Click the Slide Master icon in the Presentation Views group. PowerPoint changes the presentation editing view to slide master editing view.

3. Click Insert Slide Master icon in the Edit Master menu group. A new slide master will be added as the last slide master in the left pane.

4. Review and modify default slide layouts added automatically to the new slide master.

5. Click the Close Master View icon in the Close menu group. PowerPoint saves the new slide master with its layouts and changes to the presentation editing view.


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