Error Message When Saving PowerPoint with Macros


Why I am getting an error message dialog box when I try to save my PowerPoint presentation with some macros or programming codes?



If you have created ActiveX controls or Macros in your PowerPoint presentation, and try to save is as a PowerPoint Presentation (*.pptx) file, you will get this error message box:

The following cannot be saved in macro-free presentations:

- Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Project

To save a file with these features, click No to return to the Save As dialog box,
and then choose a macro-enabled file type in the File Type list.

Do you want to continue to save the file as macro-free presentation?

You are getting this error message, because *.pptx is a macro-free presentation file format. If you have macros in your presentation, you must save it in the macro enabled file format, *.pptm.


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