File Types Saved by PowerPoint 2013


What are file types can PowerPoint 2013 save the presentation to? Can I save my presentation in PDF format?



Yes, you can save your presentation in PowerPoint 2013 in PDF format.

Click "File > Save As" menu, select a folder, then open "Save as type" dropdown list. You will see the full list of files types (formats) that PowerPoint 2013 can save the presentation to:

  • PowerPoint Presentation (*.pptx).
  • PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation (*.pptm).
  • PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation (*.ppt).
  • PDF (*.pdf).
  • XPS Document (*.xps).
  • PowerPoint Template (*.potx).
  • PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Template (*.potm).
  • PowerPoint 97-2003 Template (*.pot).
  • Office Theme(*.thmx).
  • PowerPoint Show (*.ppsx).
  • PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Show (*.ppsm).
  • PowerPoint 97-2003 Show (*.pps).
  • PowerPoint Add-In (*.ppam).
  • PowerPoint 97-2003 Add-In (*.ppa).
  • PowerPoint XML Presentation (*.xml).
  • MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4).
  • Windows Media Video (*.wmv).
  • GIF Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif).
  • JPEG File Interchange Format (*.jpg).
  • PNG Portable Network Graphics (*.png).
  • TIFF Tag Image File Format (*.tif).
  • Device Independent Bitmap (*.bmp).
  • Windows Metafile (*.wmf).
  • Enhanced Windows Metafile (*.emf).
  • Outline/RTF (*.rtf).
  • PowerPoint Picture Presentation (*.pptx).
  • Strict Open XML Presentation (*.pptx).
  • OpenDocument Presentation (*.odp).
Save As Types Supported by PowerPoint 2013
Save As Types Supported by PowerPoint 2013


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