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List of Formatting Symbols in Microsoft Word
Sometimes I see special symbols are showing up at the end of each paragraph in my Microsoft Word document. What are they? If you special symbols showing up at the end of each paragraph, they are called formatting symbols (also called formatting marks). Formatting symbols are hidden by default. You c...
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💬 2023-01-17 DjDisaster: I have no such meaningful thing to add.

💬 2022-09-24 Helen: Missing "underdot" as the hidden text mark.

💬 2022-03-17 Sam: The list of "Formatting symbols" is so incomplete it's laughable

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What Is Bandizip
What Is Bandizip? Bandizip is ultra-fast file compression software with an easy-to-use interface. Bandizip lets you open most popular compression formats, including ZIP, ZIPX, RAR, CAB, 7Z, TAR, ISO, LZH, BZ2, RAR and many others. It offers an easy to use interface along with Windows Explorer integr...
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Settings Supported in Mozilla Firefox
What are settings supported in Mozilla Firefox? The latest version of Mozilla Firefox supports a wide range of settings organized in different categories. You can following this tutorial to find, view and update them: 1. Enter "about:preferences" in the Website address input field. Or click on the m...
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Uninstall Mozilla Firefox from Mac Computer
How to Uninstall Mozilla Firefox from Mac Computer? If you don't want to use Mozilla Firefox anymore, you can follow this tutorial to uninstall it from your Mac computer. 1. Close Firefox, if it is open. 2. Remove Firefox from the Dock bar. 3. Go to the Application folder. 4. Right-click on "Firefox...
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Mozilla Firefox Personal Profiles on Mac
Where is my personal profile for Mozilla Firefox located on my Mac computer? You personal profile for Mozilla Firefox is located under your home folder: $ cd /Users/{user}/Library/Applicat ion\Support/Firefox/ $ ls -l drwx------ 5 {user} staff 170 Nov 2 09:07 Crash Reports drwx------ 2 {user} staff ...
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Personal Profile Deleted on Mac
What will happen if my Personal Profile for Mozilla Firefox is deleted on my Mac computer? If your Personal Profile for Mozilla Firefox was deleted by accident, you will lose browsing history and all custom settings. And you will not be able to start Firefox. If you don't care about browsing history...
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Install Mozilla Firefox on Mac Computer
How to install Mozilla Firefox on Mac Computer? If you want to use Mozilla Firefox on your Mac computer, you can follow this tutorial to install it: 1. Go to Mozilla Firefox Website with your existing Web browser like Apple Safari. 2. Click "Download Firefox" button at the top right corner. An insta...
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First Time Open Mozilla Firefox on Mac
How to set up Mozilla Firefox on Mac computer? When you run Mozilla Firefox for the first time after the installation, it will guide you to go through the setup process as shown below. 1. Run Mozilla Firefox from the Launchpad. You see the security warning: "Firefox" is an application downloaded fro...
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Using Mozilla Firefox on Mac Computer
Where to find answers to frequently asked questions on Using Mozilla Firefox on Mac Computer? Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by FYIcenter.com team on Using Mozilla Firefox on Mac Computer: Install Mozilla Firefox on Mac Computer First Time Open Mozilla Firefo...
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Convert Word Documents to Unicode UTF-8 Text Files
How to save word documents into Unicode UTF-8 text files? When I convert Word documents into text files, Word will use the default encoding, "ISO 8859-1 Western Europe", which will not support double byte characters like Japanese. Can I save word documents into text files using Unicode UTF-8 encodin...
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💬 2022-07-21 kkk: ok

💬 2022-05-07 Snebis: thanks a lot

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DNS (Domain Name Server)
What Is an Domain Name Server (DNS)? A Domain Name Server (DNS) is a computer on the Internet that provides services to map domain names to IP addresses. When you connect your device to the Internet, Domain Name Server is an important setting in the connection configuration. In most Internet connect...
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Domain Name System and Structure
What Is an Domain Name? What is Domain Name System and Structure? A Domain Name is a unique name registered to identify an individual computer, a group, or an organization on the Internet. All domain names on the Internet are managed by the Domain Name System, which defines each domain name with a h...
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Link and Activity LEDs on Ethernet Socket
What are Link and Activity LEDs on Ethernet Socket? Link and Activity LEDs on Ethernet Socket are LED lights supported on ethernet RJ45 sockets. There are 2 types of Link and Activity LED configurations: 1. Two separate LEDs: A yellow Activity LED and a green Link LED. RJ45 Socket with Two LEDs 2. A...
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L2TP VPN Server on TP-Link Router
How to configure L2TP VPN Server on TP-Link Routers? New models of TP-Link routers come with L2TP VPN server functions. You can follow this tutorial to configure and turn it on. 1. Get a public IP address for your router. In order for your router to provide public VPN service, it must have a public ...
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Troubleshoot Ethernet Cable Connection
How to Troubleshoot Ethernet Cable Connection? The best way to Troubleshoot Ethernet Cable Connection is to use Link and Activity LEDs on the RJ45 socket as described below. 1. Connect the two devices with an Ethernet cable. 2. Power on both devices. 3. If no LED light, the cable is not well connect...
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L2TP VPN Client Configuration on macOS
How to configure L2TP VPN client on macOS computers? If you have a L2TP server configured with the following connection information, you can follow this tutorial to configure a L2TP VPN client on you macOS computer to connect to this server. Server IP: Service Type: L2TP IPsec Enabled: ...
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2-Computer Network with Ethernet Switch
How to build a 2-Computer network with an ethernet switch? If you have an ethernet switch, you can use it to build a 2-computer network as described below: 1. Read the manual of the ethernet switch to ensure that all RJ45 ports (sockets) are Auto Negotiation RJ45 ports. All ports have identical func...
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What Is Ethernet Extender
What Is an Ethernet Extender, Network Extender or LAN Extender? Ethernet Extender, also called Network Extender or LAN Extender Router, combines three networking functions together: wireless access point, a router, and Network Address Translator (NAT)     ⇒ RJ45 Socket and Connector ⇐ What Is WiFi ...
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Connect Router to Multiple ISPs
How to connect a router to Multiple ISPs? If you want increase the availability of you local network, you can install and configure a router that supports multiple ISPs. A router with multiple WAN sockets: WAN1, WAN2, WAN3, ..., will support multiple ISPs. The first step to make multiple ISP connect...
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Connect Router to Internet
How to connect and configure a router to the Internet? There are 3 ways to physically connect your router to the Internet, depending on what type of service you are getting from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). 1. Ethernet Broadband Service - If you are getting an Ethernet Broadband service fro...
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Router Web Portal -
What Is the Router Web Portal Address: Most WiFi/Modem Routers allows you manage their configurations through a Web portal. In other words, the router runs a Web server on port 80 by default. If are connected to and you have a local IP address in the form of 192.168.1.*, the rout...
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WiFi/Modem Router Configuration
Where to find answers to frequently asked questions on WiFi/Modem Router Configuration? Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by FYIcenter.com team on WiFi/Modem Router Configuration: Router Web Portal - Connect Router to Internet Connect Router t...
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What Is VPN (Virtual Private Network)
What Is VPN (Virtual Private Network)? VPN (Virtual Private Network) refers to a virtual network whose traffic is encapsulated and transmitted over a public network. There are a number of protocols available for setting up VPNs. 1. IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) - IPsec authenticates and encrypt...
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What Is IP (Internet Protocol) Network
What Is IP (Internet Protocol) Network? IP (Internet Protocol) network is a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol to send and receive messages between multiple computers. Today, almost all computer networks are IP networks. The world largest network, the Internet, is an IP network. From n...
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