Unzip PowerPoint .pptx Files


How to unzip a PowerPoint .pptx file? According to Microsoft documentation, a .pptx file is really a ZIP file containing XML files. Can I open a .pptx file with WinZip?

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Yes, you can easily open a .pptx file and unzip it with WinZip in 4 steps if you have WinZip installed on your computer;

1. Run WinZip, then click the Open button in WinZip. You see the "Open Archive" box showing up.

2. Find and select the PowerPoint .pptx file, the click the Open button. You see a list of files inside the .pptx file displayed in WinZip.

3. Select all files, then click the Unzip button in WinZip. You see the "Unzip" box showing up.

4. Find and select the C:\temp folder, then click the Unzip button. All selected files will be extracted, or unzipped, to the folder, C:\temp.


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