Adding New Layouts to Slide Master in PowerPoint


How to add a new layout to the slide master in PowerPoint? In my PowerPoint presentation, I need to create many slides with 3 columns. Can I add a 3-column layout to my slide master?



Yes, you can easily add a 3-column layout to your slide master in 8 steps:

1. Click the View tab. You see the View tab menu showing up.

2. Click the Slide Master icon in the Presentation Views group. PowerPoint changes the presentation editing view to slide master editing view.

3. Click the Insert Layout icon in the Edit Master menu group. You see a blank layout showing up.

4. Click the Insert Placeholder menu in the Master Layout menu group. You see a list of placeholder types showing up.

5. Select the Text placeholder. Then press down the mouse button and drag the mouse on the layout to insert a text placeholder to the layout.

6. Repeat the last step 3 times to add 3 text placeholders as 3 columns on the layout.

7. Right-mouse-button click on the new layout icon in the left pane. Then select the Rename Layout option, enter "Three Columns", and click the "Rename" button. The layout will be renamed to "Three Columns"

8. Click the Close Master View icon in the Close menu group. PowerPoint saves the new layout in the slide master and changes to the presentation editing view.


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