Adding Hyperlinks to Other Slides in PowerPoint


How to add a hyperlink to connect a keyword to another slide in PowerPoint? I want to have clickable links to help viewers to jump from one slide to another related slide in a large PowerPoint presentation. Can I add a hyperlink on a keyword?



Yes, you can easily add a hyperlink to a keyword in 5 steps.

1. Press and drag the mouse to highlight the keyword.

2. Click the Insert tab. You see the Insert tab menu showing up.

3. Click the Hyperlink icon. You see the Insert Hyperlink box showing up.

4. Select "Place in This Document" in the "Link to" list. Then select the target slide in the "Select a place in this document" area. See the picture below:

PowerPoint Insert Hyperlink on Slide
PowerPoint Insert Hyperlink on Slide

5. Verify the keyword in the "Text to display" text box. Then click the OK button. A hyperlink will be added on the selected keyword.


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