Recording Audio with PowerPoint


Can I record audio with PowerPoint? I want to record my short speech and add it to a slide.



Yes, you can record your speech as an audio clip and add it to a slide in PowerPoint in 7 steps:

1. Select the slide where you want to add the recorded audio.

2. Click the Insert tab. You see the Insert tab menu showing up.

3. Click the Audio icon in the Media icon group. Then select "Record Audio" from the pulldown menu. You see the Record Sound dialog box showing up.

4. Make sure the microphone on your computer is turned on.

5. Click the Record button to start recording. Talk to the microphone.

6. Click the Stop button to stop recording.

7. Click "OK" to add the recorded audio to the slide.

You can also right-mouse click on the audio and select "Save Media as" to save the audio to a file.

Record Audio with PowerPoint
Record Audio with PowerPoint


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