What Is a Slide Master in PowerPoint


What is a slide master in PowerPoint?

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A slide master is a set of slide layouts defined to help you create different type of slides in a PowerPoint presentation.

Slide masters are stored in PowerPoint template files. A single template can have multiple slide masters.

Here is how to see all slide masters in the current template:

1. Click the View tab. You see the View tab menu showing up.

2. Click the Slide Master icon in the Presentation Views group. PowerPoint changes the presentation editing view to slide master editing view.

3. All slide masters are listed in the left pane with all slide layouts for each slide master. The picture below shows 2 slide masters with 4 slide layouts for the first and the second slide master:

PowerPoint Slide Master
PowerPoint Slide Master


Adding New Slide Masters in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Slid Master, Layout and Template

PowerPoint Slid Master, Layout and Template

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