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Tahoma Font on Apple Devices
Is Tahoma font supported on iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices? The answer is no. Tahoma font is not supported on Apple devices. See the list of fonts supported from Apple Website: 5484.So you should avoid using Tahoma font in your Web pages or apps.
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💬 2016-06-25 Roy: You can download it from ls/Tahoma/

💬 2016-05-19 Hi Mike, we don't have an answer to your question. But we will try to find one for you.

💬 2015-05-16 Mike: Can I add Tahoma font to my iPad?

Default Style Sheet (CSS) for HTML 4
What is the default style sheet for HTML 4? The default style sheet for HTML 4 is listed as Appendix D of the Cascading Style Sheets Level 2 Revision 1 (CSS 2.1) Specification: html, address, blockquote, body, dd, div, dl, dt, fieldset, form, frame, frameset, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, noframes, ol, p,...
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Best Font Families for Web Pages
What is the best font families to use in Web pages? The best font families to use in your Websites are: style="font-family: Arial, sans-serif;" for regular text paragraphs. sans-serif is specified as the fallback option. style="font-family: monospace;" for computer source codes. Here is how the abov...
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💬 2015-10-30 tom: Agree. Arial, sans-serif.

💬 2015-06-08 claire: Interesting article!!!

Best Font Size and Weight for Web Pages
What is the best font size and weight for Web pages? The best font size and weight to use for your Web pages is: 14px, normal: abcdACBD1234 Here is how the above font size and weight looks like comparing to some other settings: 6px, normal: abcdACBD1234 8px, normal: abcdACBD1234 10px, normal: abcdAC...
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Preserve Font Size in Landscape Mode on Phones
How to prevent the font size getting bigger on my Web pages, when viewed from phones in landscape mode? When user switches from portrait to landscape while viewing a Web page, by default iPhone will automatically apply text size adjustment and make it bigger. One option to preserve the font size in ...
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Selecting Implicit Paragraphs in CSS
How to select default paragraphs in HTML documents and provide CSS properties?
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"display: inline-block" CSS Property
What is "display: inline-block"? How to use it on block elements? "display: inline-block" is a CSS property that changes the current element to be an "inline-block" element. An "inline-block" element will be displayed inline with other sibling elements. But itself will be maintained as a block respe...
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CSS Box Model for Block Elements
What is the CSS box model for block elements on a Web page? The CSS box model refers to the presentation model used by Web browsers display a block element in a Web page. The CSS box model specifies that each block element, like <p> or <div>, on a Web page should be displayed as a set ...
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HTML Debugging in Firefox
How to debug HTML source code in Firefox? In the old days, debugging HTML source code issues is not easy. You need to make some changes in the HTML source file, push it to the Web server, and refresh the Web page in the browser to see result of changes. There too many steps and takes too long to com...
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