Using Password to Stop Others Editing PowerPoint Files


How to add a password to stop other people editing my PowerPoint file? I want share a PowerPoint file with my friends on my Website. But I don't want my friend to edit the PowerPoint file. Can I add a password protection to my PowerPoint file?



Yes, you can easily add a password to stop other people editing your PowerPoint file in 6 steps. Other people can only your PowerPoint file in read-only mode if they don't know the password.

1. Open your .pptx file in Office PowerPoint.

2. Click the File menu, then click Save As menu item. You will see the "Save As" box showing up.

3. Click Tools near the bottom and select "General Options". You will see the General Options box showing up.

4. Enter your password in the "Password to modify" field below "File sharing settings for this document", then click OK. You will see the Confirm Password box showing up.

5. Enter the same password in the "Reenter password to open" field, then click OK. You are back on the "Save As" box.

6. Click the Save button. Your PowerPoint .pptx file will be saved with a password to stop other people editing the file.


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