Adding Background Music in PowerPoint Slide Show


How to add background music in PowerPoint slide show?



Yes, you can easily add background music to be played during slide show in PowerPoint in 7 steps:

1. Go to the first slide, or other slide, where you want the music to be played in the background.

2. Click the Insert tab. You see the Insert tab menu showing up.

3. Click the Audio icon, then select the "Audio on My PC". You see the Insert Audio dialog box showing up.

4. Browse and select a nice music file from your computer. You see an audio file icon on your slide representing the music.

5. Select the audio icon on the slide, and click the Playback menu tab.

6. Click the "Play in Background" icon to turn it on.

7. Run the presentation in slide show view to test the Background.
PowerPoint Add Background Music in Slide Show


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