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What are header and footer design options in Microsoft Word? I want to learn more about creating headers and footers.

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Microsoft Word does support a number of design options on how to create headers and footers. Here is a high level summary:

1. A dedicated menu for headers and footers. Double-click in the header or footer area, you will see the "Header & Footer Tools" menu showing up.

2. The "Header" menu entry allows to select a built-in header style, or delete the header.

3. The "Footer" menu entry allows you to select a built-in footer style, or delete the footer.

4. The "Page Number" menu entry allows you to insert page number into headers or footers.

5. The "Date & Time" menu entry allows you to insert date and time into headers or footers.

6. The "Document Info" menu entry allows to insert document properties like title and author into headers or footers.

7. The "Link to Previous" menu entry allows you to decide if header and footer on this page is going to be shared or not shared with the previous section. Remember that headers and footers in each section are managed independently.

9. The "Different Odd & Even Pages" menu option allows you to decide if you want the header and footer of odd pages to be different than even pages in this section.

10. The size controls allow you to increase or decrease the height of the header or footer area.

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