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MD5 Hash Function in PHP
How to calculate the MD5 hash of a string in PHP? You can use the following md5() function to calculate the MD5 hash of a string using the MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm. string md5 ( string $str [, bool $raw_output = false ] ) str - The input string. raw_output - If TRUE, then the md5 digest is inste...
2015-11-23, 1902👍, 2💬

💬 2015-08-15 Julie: Here is a source code of JavaScript MD5 Function. Enjoy!

💬 2015-05-26 Erik: What about JavaScript?

What Version of PowerPoint Am I Using?
How do I tell what version of PowerPoint my computer is using? You can determine the version number of PowerPoint on your computer in a number of ways: 1. On Windows system, go to "Control Panel &gt; Programs &gt; Programs and Features". You can tell the PowerPoint version number by looking ...
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Manage Add-Ins in Microsoft Word
How to manage Add-Ins in Microsoft Word? I want to disable some add-ins that I am not using. It's good an idea to disable add-ins in Microsoft Word that you are not using. This will make Microsoft Word faster and more secure. Here is how manage add-ins in Microsoft Word: 1. Click "File &gt; Opti...
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"No matches found" Error in Outlook 2010
Why am I getting this "No matches found" error in Outlook 2010 search? I know I have emails that should match my search term. When you use Instant Search in Microsoft Outlook 2010, you receive the following message: "No matches found." Or, only some of the expected results may be returned. If you vi...
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New Features of Microsoft Word 2013
What are new features of Microsoft Word 2013? I am thinking to upgrade my Microsoft Word 2010. Here are some interesting new features of Microsoft Word 2013: New Read Mode - Enjoy reading with a view that displays your documents in easy-to-read columns on the screen. Work together - Work with others...
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Google Ads Not Showing in Firefox
Why Google ads are not showing on Firefox browser? I just upgraded to Firefox 43. Starting from Firefox 42, a new feature is added in Firefox called "Use Tracking Protection in Private Windows". This feature is turned on by default. And it will stop displaying Google ads on any Web sites. If you wan...
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Add Password to Stop Others Editing Your Word Documents
How to add a password to stop other people editing my Word document? I want share a Word file with my friends on my Website. But I don't want my friend to edit the Word file. Can I add a password protection to my Word file? Yes, you can easily add a password to stop other people editing your Word fi...
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Converting YouTube Video to mp3 or mp4 Files
How can save a YouTube video to my local computer as video or audio file? I like to replay to watch or listen it again later. One easy way to save a YouTube video to your local computer is to use an online YouTube conversion tool. For example, onlinevideoconverter.com is such a tool with the followi...
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Add {TITLE} to Footer in Microsoft Word
How to add document "Title" property value in the footer in Microsoft Word? You can add document "Title" property value in the footer in Microsoft Word in two methods: 1. Add Title as a reference to document property "Title": Double-click the footer area to edit footer. Click "Insert" menu tab. Open...
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Access Developer Tools in Google Chrome 31
How can I access developer tools when browsing a Web page with Google Chrome 31? If you are using Google Chrome 31, you can access developer tools view using these steps on Windows systems: 1. Run Chrome and visit a Web page like www.google.com. 2. Click F12 key. You see Developer Tools panel showin...
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Restrict Passive Mode Ports on FileZilla Server
What port numbers are used for data connections in passive mode in FileZilla Server? Can I limit them to a smaller range? By default, when a client is asking for a data connection in passive mode, FileZilla Server will pickup an available port higher than 1024, and use it to listen to connection req...
2016-11-20, 1789👍, 0💬

Create Presentations for Older Versions of PowerPoint
How to create slide files to be opened by older versions of PowerPoint? For example, I am running Office PowerPoint 2013, but my friend is still using PowerPoint 2003. Can I create a slide file for my friend to open with PowerPoint 2003? Yes, you can create a slide file with your current PowerPoint ...
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Skype - Frequently Asked Questions
Where to find answers to frequently asked questions on Microsoft Skype? I want to know how to know how to use Skype on my iPhone, and other devices. Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by FYIcenter.com team about Microsoft Skype: General Questions on Microsoft Sky...
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Best Font Families for Web Pages
What is the best font families to use in Web pages? The best font families to use in your Websites are: style="font-family: Arial, sans-serif;" for regular text paragraphs. sans-serif is specified as the fallback option. style="font-family: monospace;" for computer source codes. Here is how the abov...
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💬 2015-10-30 tom: Agree. Arial, sans-serif.

💬 2015-06-08 claire: Interesting article!!!

Block Direct Formatting in Microsoft Word
How to stop users to use direct formatting in Microsoft Word? I created a style template and I don't want others to use direct formatting on top of my styles. If you have created a nice style template for your company and want others to use it and follow those styles. You can follow these steps to b...
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Access Help Menu on Mozilla Firefox 50.1
How to access the help menu items on Mozilla Firefox 50.1? I want to use the "About Firefox" menu item. The "About Firefox" menu item is listed in the help menu on Mozilla Firefox 50.1. To access the help menu on Mozilla Firefox 50.1, you can follow this tutorial: 1. Run Mozilla Firefox. You see Fir...
2018-01-19, 1760👍, 0💬

Access Google Chrome Developer Tools
How can I access developer tools view when browsing a Web page with Google Chrome? If you are using Google Chrome 56, you can access developer tools view using these steps on Windows systems: 1. Run Chrome and visit a Web page like www.google.com. 2. Click F12 key. You see Developer Tools panel show...
2017-03-11, 1751👍, 0💬

Sign In to Google Account when Installing Chrome 55
Should I sign in to Google account after installing Google Chrome 55? When you run Google Chrome 55 for the first time after the installation, you will see the "Create a Google Account" Web page with the following input form: Sign in to Chrome - Sign in to get your bookmarks, history, passwords, and...
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What Is SoapUI
What is SoapUI? Is it a SOAP User Interface? SoapUI is a free and open source cross-platform Functional Testing solution. With an easy-to-use graphical interface, and enterprise-class features, SoapUI allows you to easily and rapidly create and execute automated functional, regression, compliance, a...
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1700 China - 茉莉花 (Mo Li Hua - Jasmine Flower)
"茉莉花" (Mo Li Hua - Jasmine Flower) is a popular Chinese folk song that dates back to the 18th century. In time, many regional variations were created, and the song gained popularity both in China and abroad. Jasmine Flower:   English lyrics: Flower of jasmine, so fair! Flower of jasmine, so fair! ...
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Check Version Info in Mozilla Firefox 2.0
How do I get version info of Mozilla Firefox 2.0 is running on my computer? If you want to know which version of Mozilla Firefox is running on your computer system, you can follow this tutorial: 1. Run Mozilla Firefox. 2. Go to menu "Help" and select "About Mozilla Firefox". A dialog box shows up to...
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Xpdf - A PDF Viewer for X
What is Xpdf? Can I use on Windows systems? Xpdf is an open source viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files. (These are also sometimes also called 'Acrobat' files, from the name of Adobe's PDF software.) The Xpdf project also includes a PDF text extractor, PDF-to-PostScript converter, and var...
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Turning On or Off Comments on PowerPoint Presentation Slides
How to turn on or off comments? I have a PowerPoint presentation which has comments entered by different reviewers. Can I hide them and show them later? You can easily turn off or turn on comments in 3 steps: 1. Click the Review tab. You see the Review tab menu showing up. 2. Click the Show Markup i...
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Troubleshooting Fitbit Sync Issue
How to troubleshoot Fitbit device sync issue? My Fitbit device is connected to my Windows computer, but no new tracking data showing up on Fitbit server. If you have registered your Fitbit device through a Windows computer, you can follow the following steps to troubleshot: 1. Try initiating a manua...
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💬 2019-07-21 FYIcenter.com: @Ann, where do you see SU 14 in this article?

💬 2019-07-20 Ann Carr: What does SU 14 mean?

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