Chromcast Web Browser on iPhone and iPad


What browser to use to cast Website and video to Chromecast devices on my iPhone and iPad?



On your iPhone or iPad, here is a list of browsers and their ability to cast Website and video to Chromecast on your TV:

1. Safari (by Apple) - The default Web browser. It can be used with Momocast (by MK HQ) for Chromecast. MomoCast works by using MomoCast extension within Safari webpage, and sending webpage information to TV through the streaming media devices. Momocast requires iOS 8.0.

2. Chrome (by Google) - The best Web browser for iPhone and iPad. It does not support Chromecast yet as of 2015.

3. Video & TV Cast for Chromecast (by 2kit consulting) - A special Web browser that allows to browse through the web and stream any video you want on your Chromecast device. You should try the free edit first.

4. CastNow Browser for Chromecast (by Marco Dania) - A special Web browser that can surf the web and stream all MPEG4 videos directly to your chromecast device (ONLY the videos (!!!), not the whole browser tab content). It costs $0.99 to download.

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