Mimehandler and Plugin Processes of Google Chrome


What are Mimehandler and Plugin Processes of the Google Chrome program on Windows?

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Mimehandler and Plugin Processes are additional processes (also called tasks) initiated by Google Chrome to display content of Web content of the specific MIME types.

This tutorial gives you a good example of the PDF Mimehandler and Plugin processes.

1. Run Google Chrome on Windows and open this Web page: http://file.fyicenter.com/a/sample.pdf. You see a simple PDF document displayed.

2. Open the Task Manager in Google Chrome by pressing Shift+Esc keys. You see the following list of processes:

Task                         Memory   CPU     Network   Process ID
=========================   =======   ===     =======   ==========
Browser                     51,172K   1.4           0         3036
GPU Process                 27,988K   0.4           0         6688
Tab: sample.pdf             34,468K   0.0           0         5860
Mimehandler: sample.pdf     26,340K   0.0           0         7540
Plugin: Chrome PDF Plugin    7,792K   0.0           0         6596

Now you know how Google Chrome displays a PDF document from the Web. It starts a child process called "Mimehandler", then calls the PDF plugin to display the PDF document.

The picture below shows you PDF Mimehandler and Plugin processes created by Google Chrome:
Google Chrome Task Manager - Mimehandler and Plugin Processes


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