Setup Log File in FileZilla FTP Client


How to setup log file in FileZilla FTP Client?



It's always a good idea to turn on the logging function and setup log file in FileZilla FTP Client. It will record requests sent from you FileZilla FTP Client and responses received from the FTP server.

Here is how to setup log file in FileZilla FTP Client:

1. Click "Edit > Settings..." menu. You see the "Settings" dialog box showing up.

2. Select the "Logging" tab. You see the "Logging" options showing up.

3. Check "Show timestamps in message log" checkbox.

4. Check "Log to file" checkbox and "C:\temp\filezilla.log" as the "Filename".

5. Click "OK" to save the change.

From now on, all activities are logged into the log file.

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