Chromcast Web Browser on Android Phone


What browser to use to cast Website and video to Chromecast devices on my Android phone?



On your Android phone, here is a list of browsers and their ability to cast Website and video to Chromecast on your TV:

1. Chrome - The default Web browser. It can be used to cast Website and video to Chrome devices if the Cast option is enabled. Type in "chrome://flags/#enable-cast" the address field to verify.

2. Web Video Caster (by InstantBits) - A special Web browser that allows you to cast any videos you find on websites to any Chromecast device, this includes live streams of news, sports, also movies, tv shows, and iptv.

Another option is use the "Cast Screen" function of Chromecast app on Android to simply the phone screen to your TV screen via the Chromecast device.

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