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Fitbit Icons and Meanings
What do those Fitbit icons mean? Over the years, Fitbit has used a number of icons on their wearable devices and Website pages. Here is a list of Fitbit icons we have collected so far: Feet Symbol Steps walked (old version). Flame Symbol Calore burned. Heart Symbol Heart Rate. Lightning Active Minut...
2022-01-10, 220993👍, 59💬

💬 2022-01-10 Susan McKinstry: Sp02% what does that mean?

💬 2022-01-06 Pazz: What does a icon of a cell phone with a line through it mean at the top of my Fitbit versa?

💬 2021-10-02 Joan Bromley: There is a clock on the screen and the time justs keeps on going, how do i stop it?

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List of Formatting Symbols in Microsoft Word
Sometimes I see special symbols are showing up at the end of each paragraph in my Microsoft Word document. What are they? If you special symbols showing up at the end of each paragraph, they are called formatting symbols (also called formatting marks). Formatting symbols are hidden by default. You c...
2021-10-01, 138990👍, 32💬

💬 2021-10-01 FYIcenter.com: @Miri, Is it just one subhead that you are not able to apply the style? Can you apply the same style to another subhead?

💬 2021-09-28 Miri: I'm working on a doc with complex formatting. I cleared all formatting, and am applying styles. I styled a subhead using a style...

💬 2021-08-04 FYIcenter.com: @Jimmy, that dot between words and other symbols listed in this tutorial are called formatting marks. You can turn them off by c...

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Creating WeChat account without phone Number
How to create a new WeChat account without phone number? I want to use WeChat, but I don't have a cellphone. WeChat allows you to create a new account in multiple options: 1. Create a new WeChat account with a cellphone - Just follow the "Sign up" button, enter your cellphone number, wait for the ve...
2020-02-12, 98489👍, 35💬

💬 2020-02-12 suhii: best

💬 2018-12-11 Phyo Min: I'm fine.

💬 2018-12-11 Phyo Min: Thank, I'm ok.

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Install Microsoft Teams on Windows 7
How to install Microsoft Teams desktop version on Windows 7? I am tired of using Microsoft Teams Web version. If you want to try the desktop version of Microsoft Teams on your Windows 7 computer, you can follow these steps: 1. Open a Web browser and go to: https://teams.microsoft.com/do wnloads.You ...
2021-10-10, 94970👍, 6💬

💬 2021-10-10 FYIcenter.com: @DWi, Thank you for sharing the information!

💬 2021-10-07 DWi: While unsupported, it still works in Windows 7. I'm using x64. However, two things to note: 1) The systray icon doe...

💬 2021-03-07 FYIcenter.com: @Heris, looks like the newer versions only supports Windows 10 now. Time to upgrade your Windows system.

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Creating WeChat account with Facebook account
How to create a new WeChat account with my Facebook account? Creating a new WeChat account with a Facebook account is the only way to create a WeChat without a cellphone number. Here is how to do it: 1. Download and install WeChat on your device. 2. Run WeChat. You see the login screen. 3. Tap the "...
2020-11-11, 69915👍, 48💬

💬 2020-11-11 FYIcenter.com: @Kazu, you should try to call WeChat support for help.

💬 2020-11-07 Kazu: I am having really hard time creating wecht account cuz everytime I sign up I land up in security issue and not working

💬 2020-10-31 Stephen: Dm me I’m gonna solve your problems I’m gonna fix your wechat Acct up WhatsApp me ‪+1 (561) 508‑8012‬

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Using Momocast with Safari on iPhone and iPad
How to use MomoCast with Safari on iPhone and iPad to cast Website and video to Chromecast on TV? If you are using Safari on iPhone or iPad and want to mirror Web page or watch video on your TV using Chromecast, you can donwload and use MomoCast: 1. Launch "Apple Store" and search for Momocast (by M...
2022-01-09, 47693👍, 18💬

💬 2022-01-09 Steve: Anyone know how to clear the last page viewed through momo? New casts from safari have the “cancel” option but the first page I ...

💬 2018-01-11 Emily: How do I find the controls after I’ve played the video? When my iPad closes the momo extension interface over safari has vanishe...

💬 2017-10-21 MGB: A white screen opens and if I say mirror the tv switches to white scheme. The actual webcam I want to webcast is on another tab....

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Remove Microsoft Teams from Windows 7
How to remove Microsoft Teams form my Windows 7 system? I don't want it any more. You can remove Microsoft Teams desktop software from your Windows computer by follow these steps: 1. Go to "Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Uninstall a program". You see a list i...
2021-12-23, 35304👍, 4💬

💬 2021-12-04 FYIcenter.com: @Mark, you may need to reboot your computer in safe mode, then uninstall it.

💬 2021-12-03 Mark: Those instructions are deficient I have uninstalled it but it still tries to load on start up

💬 2019-10-21 kevjin: Don't know if this works, but I have just deleted the Teams Installer from control panel too. Hope that means it wont come back!

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STYLEREF Error 'No text of specified style' in Microsoft Word
Why I getting the "Error! No text of specified style in document." in Microsoft Word? You are getting the "Error! No text of specified style in document." in Microsoft Word, because the style referenced in the field code is not used anywhere in the document. You can fix the error using the following...
2019-04-13, 33630👍, 2💬

💬 2019-04-13 FYIcenter.com: @Ale, you are welcome!

💬 2019-04-13 Ale: I just needed to select Heading 2 to have my figures accordind to my subsection. Thank you so much!

Log in to Microsoft Teams in a Browser
How to log in to Microsoft Teams with a Web browser? I know that my company is using Microsoft Teams as part of Office 365. If you have an Office 365 account, you log in to Microsoft Teams using these steps: 1. Open a Web browser and go to: https://teams.microsoft.com/. You see the Microsoft Teams l...
2021-05-30, 29898👍, 1💬

💬 2021-05-30 Richard Y. Saffir: Will be able to merely click on an item in the calendar?

Log in to Microsoft Teams Desktop on Windows
How to Login to Microsoft Teams desktop version on my Windows computer? If you have Microsoft Teams desktop software installed on your Windows computer, you can log in to Microsoft Teams by following these steps: 1. Click on the Start button and type in "Teams" in the search box. You a list matched ...
2017-04-15, 26962👍, 0💬

Microsoft Teams File Location on Windows 7
Where are Microsoft Teams files located on my Windows 7 system? If you have Microsoft Teams desktop software installed on your Windows 7 computer, Teams files are located in the C:\Users\fyicenter\AppData\Loc al\Microsofteams folder: 04/08/2017 10:42 PM 196,324 app.ico 1,692 SquirrelSetup.log &l...
2020-02-05, 26158👍, 1💬

💬 2020-02-05 Bill Gates Sucks Goats: fucking bullshit lies. none of this is relevant. I hate microshit.

Joining a Team in Microsoft Teams
How to join a team in Microsoft Teams? My manager told me we are using Microsoft Teams service. In order to join a team in Microsoft Teams, you need to follow these steps: 1. Ask the team owner to add you as a team member. 2. Wait for the invitation email from Microsoft Teams website. 3. Open the in...
2017-04-15, 24969👍, 0💬

Microsoft Teams
Where to find answers to frequently asked questions on Microsoft Teams? Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by FYIcenter.com team on Microsoft Teams: What Is Microsoft Teams Joining a Team in Microsoft Teams Log in to Microsoft Teams in a Browser Microsoft Teams N...
2017-04-08, 23823👍, 0💬

Microsoft 365 - General Questions and Answers
Where to find answers to frequently asked questions in general understanding of Microsoft 365? Here is a collection of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by FYIcenter.com team in general understanding of Microsoft 365: What Is Microsoft 365 What Is Microsoft Office 365 Office 365 ...
2017-04-08, 22936👍, 0💬

What Is Microsoft Teams
What is Microsoft Teams? Microsoft Teams is a Microsoft cloud service that combines workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments together and is offered to Microsoft Office 365 subscribers. Microsoft Teams main features: Bring your team together - Create an open, collaborative workspace for your...
2017-04-08, 22775👍, 0💬

What Is Microsoft Office 365
What is Microsoft Office 365? Office 365 is a cloud service offered by Microsoft that provide productivity software and related services to consumers and business users. Office 365 has been renamed as Microsoft 365. Office 365 includes the following major software and services: OneDrive - Cloud stor...
2017-04-08, 22406👍, 0💬

Actiontec GT784WNV Modem Troubleshooting Basics
How to start to troubleshoot my Actiontec GT784WNV Modem? I am not able to access Internet. If you are not able to access the Internet using an Actiontec GT784WNV modem, follow these steps to start to troubleshoot yourself: 1. Is the modem powered on? If the Power light on the modem is solid green, ...
2021-02-01, 21584👍, 2💬

💬 2015-07-17 Dea: The Ethernet cable coming from your inerntet provider's modem needs to go into the router's Internet or WAN port. Another Ethern...

Convert Word Documents to Unicode UTF-8 Text Files
How to save word documents into Unicode UTF-8 text files? When I convert Word documents into text files, Word will use the default encoding, "ISO 8859-1 Western Europe", which will not support double byte characters like Japanese. Can I save word documents into text files using Unicode UTF-8 encodin...
2021-04-08, 17494👍, 2💬

💬 2021-04-08 dfd: reftre

💬 2020-10-30 jack miller: Programmers can generate SWF files from within several Adobe products, including Flash ,flash builder ,adobe animated these type...

Creating Command Buttons to Run Macros in PowerPoint
How to create a command button to run my macro in slide show in PowerPoint? I have created a macro that displays message dialog box. I want to add a command button my slide. When the button is clicked while in slide show view, I want the message box to be displayed. You can create an ActiveX control...
2017-01-25, 16139👍, 1💬

💬 2017-01-25 jose: Can I only run the macro in the button in the slide show view? Or is there a way I can press it in the normal view of the slide ...

Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Add-on - FireFTP
How to install Mozilla Firefox 2.0 add-on: FireFTP? FireFTP is a Mozilla Firefox 2 add-on that provides FTP client functions on Mozilla Firefox 2 browser. You can follow this tutorial to download and install FireFTP. 1. Run Mozilla Firefox 2. 2. Go to https://addons.mozilla.org/en- US/Firefox/addon/f...
2017-06-28, 12098👍, 0💬

Pause File Transfer in FileZilla FTP Client
How to pause file transfer in FileZilla FTP Client? I want to close the computer in the middle of a large file transfer. If you are downloading or uploading a large file with FileZilla FTP Client, you may want to pause the file transfer process half way, because you need to close your computer for s...
2016-11-12, 10959👍, 0💬

Difference of Web Page and Single File Web Page
What is the difference between a Web page and a Single File Web Page? Word supports 2 Web page formats: "Web Page (*.htm; *.html)" and "Single File Web Page (*.mht; *.mhtml)". What is the difference between them? The difference between the "Web Page (*.htm; *.html)" format and the "Single File Web P...
2016-11-05, 10760👍, 0💬

What Are Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox 2.0
What are Mozilla Firefox 2 add-ons? Mozilla Firefox 2 add-ons extend the browser functionalities. Some add-ons allow you to personalize your browsing experience. Some add-ons can bring a whole new range of features to your browser. If you want try some Mozilla Firefox 2 add-ons, you can visit this M...
2017-06-28, 10705👍, 0💬

Websites Sending Cookies to Mozilla Firefox 2.0
How do I know what cookies a Website is sending to Mozilla Firefox 2.0? When you are visiting a Website, it sends cookies to Mozilla Firefox. If you want to know what cookies a Website is sending to your computer, you can follow this tutorial. 1. Run Mozilla Firefox 2 and visit http://www.google.com...
2017-07-03, 10639👍, 0💬

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