'AutoCorrect Actions' Add-in in Microsoft Word


What are "AutoCorrect Actions" in Microsoft Word? Should I disable it?

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"AutoCorrect Actions" are add-in module for Microsoft Word to help you to auto-correct certain words or phrases in your document, through the right-click menu "Additional Actions".

Here is a list of "AutoCorrect Actions" add-ins:

  • Address (English) - Auto-correct an address.
  • Date (XML) -
  • Financial Symbol (XML) -
  • Instant Messaging Contacts (English) -
  • Measurement Converter (Measurement Converter) -
  • Person Name (English) -
  • Place (English) -
  • Telephone Number (XML) -
  • Time (XML) -

If you are good with the language you are using in the document, you should disable all "AutoCorrect Actions" add-ins.
AutoCorrect Actions Add-ins in Microsoft Word


Managing Add-ins on Microsoft Word

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