Creating WeChat account with Facebook account


How to create a new WeChat account with my Facebook account?



Creating a new WeChat account with a Facebook account is the only way to create a WeChat without a cellphone number. Here is how to do it:

1. Download and install WeChat on your device.

2. Run WeChat. You see the login screen.

3. Tap the "other login options" button near the bottom. You see the Login/Sign up screen.

3. Tap on the "Facebook connect" button near the button. You see the "Link to Facebook" screen.

4. Read the warning message: "Your account information will only be used for authorization and will NOT be disclosed to others".

5. Tap the "Link to Facebook Account" button. You see the Facebook login screen.

5. Enter your Facebook login email address and password. Then tap login.

6. WeChat will retrieve your Facebook account info and create a new WeChat account for you. You see WeChat home screen.

7. Tab "Me" at the bottom, then "WeChatID" to set your WeChat internal ID, display name, profile picture, etc.

Note that you may get an error when linking to Facebook account: "Facebook Connect is not available now. sign up with your mobile phone number". But it will work, if you try it again sometime later.

Login to WeChat with Facebook Account

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