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How to create a DITA Reference Topic document with FrameMaker?



A DITA Reference Topic Document is for topics that describe command syntax, programming instructions, and other reference material, and usually contains detailed, factual material.

You can follow this tutorial to create a DITA Reference Topic document with FrameMaker.

1. Start FrameMaker.

2. Click "File > New > XML" menu. You see "New XML" screen.

3. Select "DITA > Reference" and click "OK". You see a blank template DITA Task document displayed.

4. Click on the "XML View" icon in the menu bar and next to the search icon. You see the XML elements of the DITA Reference document.

5. Enter more details to complete the Reference document as shown below:

<reference id="id17BC80J0MKV">
    <title>Embedded Image</title>
    <shortdesc>Description of embedded image.</shortdesc>
<section><p>An embedded image has the following properties:</p></section>
                <propdesc>Specifies the width of the image in pixels.</propdesc>
                <propdesc>Specifies the height of the image in pixels.</propdesc>

6. Click "File > Save As" to save the document to DITA-Topic-Reference-Example.xml in "XML (*.xml)" format.

The picture below shows you how to create a new DITA Reference document in FrameMaker:
Create DITA Reference Document in FrameMaker


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