Microphone Permissions for Messenger Call in iPhone


How to fix the Microphone Permissions error with making a call with Messenger in iPhone?

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If your Microphone Permissions for Messenger is turned off on iPhone, you will get the Microphone Permissions error when making a call with Messenger:
Microphone Permissions Error on Messenger Call

The suggestion given in the error message, "Microphone Permissions - In iPhone settings, tap Messenger and turn on Microphone", is not accurate. There is no way to find the Messenger in iPhone settings.

To fix the error, you need to follow this tutorial:

1. Tap "Settings" on the Home screen of your iPhone. You see the Settings screen showing up.

2. Tap "Privacy". You see the Privacy screen showing up.

3. Tap on "Microphon". You see the microphone permissions showing up.

4. Tap on Messenger to turn it on.

You should be able to use microphone with Messenger now.

The picture below shows you how to turn on microphone permission for Messenger to make audio calls:
Turn on Microphone Permissions for Messenger Call


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