Example of DITA Glossary Topic Document


Where can I get an example of a DITA Glossary Topic Document?

✍: FYIcenter.com


A DITA Glossary Topic Document is used for defining a single sense of a given term. The XML structure of a DITA Glossary Topic Document must meet requirements given in the Glossary Entry DTD, glossentry.dtd.

Here is an example of a DITA Glossary Topic Document, DITA-Topic-Glossary-Example.xml:

<!DOCTYPE glossentry PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DITA Glossary Entry//EN" "glossentry.dtd">
<glossentry id="id17BC80X0WSN">
    <glossdef>Hyper-Text Markup Language</glossdef>
        <glossUsage>HTML is used to create Web pages served through 
        Web servers. When a client browser retrieves the HTML code of a Web 
        page from a Web server, it will render each elements in the HTML 
        code to build the Web page.


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