Create DITA Glossary Group Document


How to create a DITA Glossary Group document with FrameMaker?



A DITA Glossary Group Document is used as a container of multiple Glossary Entries.

You can follow this tutorial to create a DITA Glossary Group document with FrameMaker.

1. Start FrameMaker.

2. Click "File > New > XML" menu. You see "New XML" screen.

3. Select "DITA > Glossarygroup" and click "OK". You see a blank template DITA Glossary Group document displayed.

4. Click on the "XML View" icon in the menu bar and next to the search icon. You see the XML elements of the DITA Glossary Group document.

5. Enter more details to complete the Glossary Group document as shown below:

<!DOCTYPE glossgroup PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DITA Glossary Group//EN" "glossgroup.dtd">
<glossgroup id="id17BCC050JGR">
    <glossentry id="id123">
        <glossdef>Hyper-Text Markup Language</glossdef>
            <glossUsage>HTML is used to create Web pages served through
                Web servers.</glossUsage>
    <glossentry id="id234">
        <glossdef>Darwin Information Typing Architecture</glossdef>
            <glossUsage>DITA is used as an XML data model for authoring and

6. Click "File > Save As" to save the document to DITA-Topic-Glossary-Group-Example.xml in "XML (*.xml)" format.

The picture below shows you how to create a new DITA Glossary Group document in FrameMaker:
Create DITA Glossary Group Document in FrameMaker


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