"Call Forwarding" Missing in Skype for Business


Why am I not seeing the "Call Forwarding" option on Skype for Business on Windows?

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You don't see the "Call Forwarding" option on your Skype for Business, because of these possible reasons:

1. You Skype for Business client program is too old. For example, "Lync 2013 Basic" on Windows does not support "Call Forwarding". You should upgrade to "Skype for Business 2015" or higher.

2. Or your organization administrator forgot to enable users for Enterprise Voice online and Phone System in Office 365 Voicemail. You should tell him/her to turn on the feature.

3. Or your organization subscription plan with Microsoft does not including call forwarding features. Subscription plan upgrade is needed.

If the "Call Forwarding" feature is available, you can set it to go to your voice mail, or another phone number. So you will never miss a call on Skype.

The picture below shows you "Call Forwarding" settings in Skype for Business:

Call-Forwarding Settings in Skype for Business
Call-Forwarding Settings in Skype for Business


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