Generate PDF Book from DITA Map


How to generate a PDF version of my book created as a DITA map document with FrameMaker?



If you have created a book as a DITA map document, you can generate a PDF version of the book with FrameMaker as shown in this tutorial.

1. Open the book from the DITA map document, DITA-Map-Example.xml.

2. Click "View > Switch to Tree View", if you are in the document view mode. You see the book is listed in the tree view panel on the left.

3. Click "File > Save As PDF" menu. Follow instructions given on the screen to finish generating the PDF.

4. Open the PDF output file, DITA-Map-Example.pdf. You see your book in a nice printable format.

The picture below shows you how to generate a PDF book from a DITA Map document in FrameMaker:
Generate PDF Book with DITA Map in FrameMaker


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