Extension Processes of Google Chrome


What are Extension Processes of the Google Chrome program on Windows?

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Extension Processes are additional processes (also called tasks) initiated by Google Chrome in provided extended functionalities.

This tutorial gives you a good example of the RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) Extension process.

1. Run Google Chrome on Windows and install the RSS Subscription Extension from the Google store.

2. Open the RSS Atom feed page: http://faq.fyicenter.com/atom_xml.php. You see Atom feed entries nicely displayed by the extension.

3. Open the Task Manager in Google Chrome by pressing Shift+Esc keys. You see the following list of processes:

Task                               Memory   CPU     Network   Process ID
=========================         =======   ===     =======   ==========
Browser                           49,520K   1.4           0         6080
GPU Process                       28,676K   0.4           0         8936
Tab: Technology FAQ               45,064K   0.0           0         7332
Extension: RSS Subscription ...   19,092K   0.0           0        11068
Extension: Subscribe to this...    

Now you know how Google Chrome run extensions as child processes.

The picture below shows you the extension process created by Google Chrome:
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