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What Are Genuine Diamonds?
Synthetic diamonds are made by humans in a lab. However, genuine diamonds are mined from the ground and created by nature. If the lab creation is good enough, it can be difficult to tell the difference without expert knowledge and testing methods. Once the stones have been cut, the value of genuine ...
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5 Dividend Stocks to Buy in January 2016
Top stock picks for dividend investors to buy during the market sell-off. 1. Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ:GILD): The expected FDA approval of Merck & Co.'s new hepatitis C therapy could force Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ:GILD) shares lower this month, and if so, investors might want to step up and buy shares ...
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5 Biotech Jobs That Won't Bore You
1. Forensics DNA Analyst This job is straight out of a crime show. Forensics DNA analysts use biotechnology to collect and analyze DNA evidence, like blood, sweat and hair. After interpreting the results of their analysis, they’re usually asked to present what they’ve found in court—either in a rep...
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8 ways to boost your home value
8 ways to boost your home value 1: The Kitchen Is Still King Buyers of all kinds have long focused on the kitchen, but it holds particular sway over the newest wave of first-time homeowners. A “modern/updated kitchen” topped the list of ideal home features in our survey of millennials, registering a...
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10 oil companies that will thrive as crude prices rebound
Companies with low debt, such as National Oilwell Varco, will be able to scoop up rivals and grab market share. Here are the 10 S&P 500 energy and materials companies with the lowest debt-to-equity ratios as of Sept. 30, according to FactSet: 1. Helmerich & Payne Inc. Ticker -- HP, -3.17% Industry -...
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3 Tax Deductions That Could Lead to an Audit
---Home office deductions: ---Charitable contributions- ---Medical expenses deduction: ---Home office deductions: Home office deductions are a legitimate way to save money if you work from your home -- if you qualify and follow the rules. But if the IRS smells anything fishy in your deduction(s), it...
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How to Earn Extra Money in Retirement
It would be great if the cost of living stopped rising once you retire. You would know exactly how much money to save, and how much income will support your lifestyle. But the cost of living continues to rise even after retirement, which is why a lot of people look for ways to earn extra money, ofte...
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The smartest way to use your Powerball winnings
Those who stumble into large sums of money — whether through the lottery or an inheritance — should first pay off debt, like student loans and credit cards, and then place a significant chunk of money in federally insured bank accounts for emergencies or future plans. To pad his/her 401(k), given th...
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So what is a gout sufferer to do?
Maintaining a regular temperature in your body although the weather is changing drastically is the key to avoiding a gout attack. It is important when the weather changes towards heat and humidity to keep hydrated since you lose more water when it’s hot, drink frequently because water will help your...
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Do you get a gout flare when the weather changes?
The climate plays a big role for us gout sufferers especially when it’s hot and humid which can lead to dehydration and triggering a gout attack. When your body is depleted of fluids through perspiration, you can suffer recurrent gout attacks so it is imperative that you drink a lot of water when th...
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Budgeting for the Wedding -- Who Pays for What?
Forget the archaic rule that says certain people have to pay for certain things. Your parents do not need to take out a third mortgage to pay for the wedding. And, if you're like most couples, the two of you might even be covering a good chunk of the expenses yourselves. The best way to work it out?...
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Poker Hand Ranking
What is poker hand ranking? In poker games, a hand is a set of 5 cards drawn from the deck of 52 cards in 4 suits. Hand ranking is a set of rules to determine which hand has a higher rank between 2 hands. Rule 1: A hand in a stronger hand category ranks higher. Below is a list of hand categories sta...
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Default Style Sheet (CSS) for HTML 4
What is the default style sheet for HTML 4? The default style sheet for HTML 4 is listed as Appendix D of the Cascading Style Sheets Level 2 Revision 1 (CSS 2.1) Specification: html, address, blockquote, body, dd, div, dl, dt, fieldset, form, frame, frameset, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, noframes, ol, p,...
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JavaScript Implementation of MD5 Function
Where can I find a JavaScript implementation of MD5 function? Here is a nice implementation of md5() function in JavaScript: function md5(str) { // discuss at: http://phpjs.org/functions/md5 /// original by: Webtoolkit.info (http://www.webtoolkit.info/) // improved by: Michael White (http://getsprin...
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MD5 Hash Function in PHP
How to calculate the MD5 hash of a string in PHP? You can use the following md5() function to calculate the MD5 hash of a string using the MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm. string md5 ( string $str [, bool $raw_output = false ] ) str - The input string. raw_output - If TRUE, then the md5 digest is inste...
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💬 2015-08-15 Julie: Here is a source code of JavaScript MD5 Function. Enjoy!

💬 2015-05-26 Erik: What about JavaScript?

Halloween = All Hallows’ Evening
What is Halloween? Halloween is shorthand of All Hallows’ Evening, which is the eve of All Hallows' Day, or All Saints' Day. Halloween is celebrated on October 31, since All Saints' Day is celebrated on on November 1. Halloween celebration activities include trick-or-treating, attending Halloween co...
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Best Font Families for Web Pages
What is the best font families to use in Web pages? The best font families to use in your Websites are: style="font-family: Arial, sans-serif;" for regular text paragraphs. sans-serif is specified as the fallback option. style="font-family: monospace;" for computer source codes. Here is how the abov...
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💬 2015-10-30 tom: Agree. Arial, sans-serif.

💬 2015-06-08 claire: Interesting article!!!

Actiontec GT784WNV Modem Troubleshooting Basics
How to start to troubleshoot my Actiontec GT784WNV Modem? I am not able to access Internet. If you are not able to access the Internet using an Actiontec GT784WNV modem, follow these steps to start to troubleshoot yourself: 1. Is the modem powered on? If the Power light on the modem is solid green, ...
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💬 2015-07-17 Dea: The Ethernet cable coming from your inerntet provider's modem needs to go into the router's Internet or WAN port. Another Ethern...

Chromcast Web Browser on Android Phone
What browser to use to cast Website and video to Chromecast devices on my Android phone? On your Android phone, here is a list of browsers and their ability to cast Website and video to Chromecast on your TV: 1. Chrome - The default Web browser. It can be used to cast Website and video to Chrome dev...
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💬 2015-09-17 Korbyn: I think you can find anything (games apps) you want on the Internet. ALL FOR FREE! Hope you like it! Was this answer helpful?

Starting Hearts on Windows 7
How to start Hearts on Windows 7? Hearts on Windows 7 is located under the "Games" program group. You can start FreeCell with these steps: 1. Click the "Start" button, then "All Programs". 2. Select the "Games" group and click "Hearts". You will see FreeCell started. You can also click the "Start" b...
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Why Java Plugin Not Working in Chrome
When I use Chrome to visit a web site that requires Java Plugin, I got a big gray box with a message saying "This plugin is not supported". Why Java Plugin in not supported in Chrome? Most likely your Chrome version is 42 or higher and the NPAPI is disabled by the browser. That impacts all plugins (...
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Insert JavaScript in XSLT Document
How to insert JavaScript code in XSLT and to be generated in the output in XML format? Inserting JavaScript code in XSLT and keep it in the XML output correctly is a very challenging task: You need to find a way to enter and protect special characters like, <, > and & in the input file. Yo...
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Making Beef Jerky Taiwan Style
How to make beef jerky in Taiwan style? This is Taiwanese style home made beef jerky. Taste great and easy to follow.
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Adding Image on Website for Facebook Share
How to add an image to my Website to show up on Facebook when someone share it? Normally, Facebook will automatically select an image from your Website to show with your Website link. If you want to control it, you can two pieces of code to your Website: 1. Add a namespace in the <html> tag: &...
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