What Is OpenOffice Draw


What Is OpenOffice Draw?

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OpenOffice Draw is a graphics editing tool included in the OpenOffice package. It gives you the power to create and edit graphics, making it a powerful tool for technical or general posters, or just about anything that needs illustration.

Main features of OpenOffice Draw are:

  • Produce graphics from simple diagrams to 3D illustration. Draw is a vector graphics editor that facilitates anything from a quick sketch to a complex plan.
  • Gallery function for clipart, or create your own art and add it to the gallery.
  • Import graphics from all common formats (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and WMF).
  • Create Flash versions of graphics created.
  • Similar to CorelDRAW or Microsoft Visio, but also has desktop-publishing software such as Scribus or Microsoft Publisher or InDesign.
  • Save graphics on OpenDocument format, which allows for other users to access and use graphics with compliant software.

OpenOffice Draw - Demo Screen


Cross-Fade Two Objects with OpenOffice Draw

Using OpenOffice Draw

Using OpenOffice Draw

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