Lost Control of Page Pane in OpenOffice Draw


How to regain Control of Page Pane in OpenOffice Draw?

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Page Pane is a nice tool in OpenOffice which allows you to see a list of all pages as thumbnails. You use to rerange the page order, or jump into any given page.

You can turn on or turn off Page Pane by clicking "View > Page Pane"

You can drag the title area of the Page Pane to detach it from its default docking location on the screen, leave it a floating window at any position.

You can drag the Page Pane back to dock it on the left, right or bottom of the main drawing area.

If dedock the Page Pane as a floating window, you may end up losing sight of it and not able to control it any more.

Unfortunately, OpenOffice Draw does not provide any function to bring it back to its default docking location.

One easy solution is to delete your entire OpenOffice user profile as mentioned in another tutorial. When you start OpenOffice Draw again, you will have a new empty user profile, which will display the Page Pane back at its default docking location.


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