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How to Setup Form Tools Core? I just downloaded and move it to the Web server.



After downloading and installing the Form Tools Core component on the Apache Web Server, you need to run the final setup process to initialize Form Tools tables and the admin user.

1. Go to with a Web browser. You should see the Form Tools Welcome page.

2. Click "Continue". You should see the System Check page. Every check step should pass with no issues.

3. Click "Continue" again. You should see the Create Database Tables page. Enter the following:

Database hostname:
Database name: formtools
Port: 3306
Database username: formtools
Database password: f0rmt00l$
Database table prefix: ft_

4. Click "Create Database Tables" to continue. You should see the Create Config File page with settings automatically generated.

5. Click "Create File" to continue.\ You should see the Create Admin Account page. Enter the following:

First Name: fyicenter
Last Name: Admin
Login Username: fyicenter
Login Password: fyicenter

5. Click "Create Account" to continue. You should see the Clean Up page.

Congratulations, Form Tools has been successfully installed!

Form Tools - Configuration Setup Page
Form Tools - Configuration Setup Page


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