Change Control Connection Port on FileZilla Server


What is the port number used for the control connection in FileZilla Server? How to change control connection port?



By default, FileZilla Server uses port number 21 to listen for incoming control connection requests from FTP clients.

But if the FileZilla Server is for private use, you may want to change control connection port to a less known number to reduce the risk of someone else trying to connect to the server.

Here are the steps to change the control connection port number on FileZilla Server:

1. Start the FileZilla Server and Start the FileZilla Server Interface.

2. Click "Edit > Settings" menu on FileZilla Server Interface. You see FileZilla Server Options screen showing up.

3. Click "General settings" from the list on the left. You see General Settings showing up.

4. Enter "8090" in the "Listen on these ports" field.

5. Click "OK" to save the change.

Now, the FileZilla Server listens on port 8090 for control connection requests coming from clients.

FileZilla Server - Control Connection Port
FileZilla Server - Control Connection Port


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