Install Cast Extension for Chrome on Windows


How to install Cast Extension for Chrome on Windows? I want to mirror Chrome browser to my TV with Chromecast.



If you have your Chromecast device properly connected to the TV and the Wi-Fi network, you can follow these steps to install the Cast Extension for Chrome on Windows.

1. Turn on your TV and set input to HDMI1 (or HDMI2), you should see a Chromecast backdrop photo.

2. On your Windows computer, search and run "chromecast". You should see your Chromecast device displayed.

3. Click "Download Extension". The Chrome Web browser should be launched and pointed to "".

4. Click "Add Extension" on the browser. The "Add to Chrome - Google Cast" box appears.

5. Click "Add". The "Google Cast" extension will be downloaded and installed to the Chrome browser. You should see the Cast icon on the top right corner of the browser.

6. Click the Cast icon. The Chrome browser should be casted to your TV through Chromecast.

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