Set Password When Creating a ZIP File


How to set password when creating a new ZIP file? I want to protect my ZIP from others to extract files.



If you want to add password protection on your new ZIP file, you can follow the tutorial below:

1. Run WinZip and select menu File > New Archive. The "New Archive" dialog box shows up.

2. Enter as the file name for the new ZIP file in C:\fyicenter directory.

3. Click the OK button. The "Add" dialog box shows up.

4. Click the Password button. The "Password" dialog box shows up.

5. Enter a password and click the OK button. WinZip will ask the password again for confirmation.

6. Continue with the "Add" dialog box to finish adding files/directories to the ZIP file.

7. Look at the compressed files in WinZip window, you should see a "+" sign at the end of each file name. "+" is an indicator that this file is password protected.

8. Close WinZip and run WinZip again.

The new ZIP file, C:\fyicenter\, is password protected now. Others can open the ZIP file and see the list of files. But they can not extract any files, unless you give them your password.

You can try to extract files from this ZIP to see the password protection behavior:

1. Select menu File > Open Archive. The "Open Archive" dialog box shows up.

2. Select a ZIP file, like c:\fyicenter\, and click the OK button. The ZIP file will be opened inside WinZip window.

3. Select menu Actions > Extract. The Extract dialog box shows up.

4. Select a directory where you want the files to extracted to, for example c:\fyicenter.

5. Click the Extract button. The "Password" dialog box shows up.

6. Enter the same password you used when creating this ZIP file and click the OK button. If you entered a wrong password, WinZip will not extract any files.

7. Continue with the extracting process to finish extract compressed files.


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