Features of WinZip 10.0


What are features of WinZip 10.0?

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WinZip 10.0 is a tool developed by WinZip Computing, Inc. to manage ZIP files and other compression files. It supports the following features described in its help document:

  • Seamless Windows integration: WinZip includes tight integration with My Computer and Windows Explorer. Drag and drop to or from Explorer, or zip and unzip without leaving Explorer.
  • Internet support: WinZip features built-in support for popular Internet file formats: TAR, gzip, UUencode, XXencode, BinHex, and MIME. ARJ, LZH, and ARC files are supported via external programs. You can use WinZip to access almost all the files you download from the Internet. In addition, the freely downloadable WinZip Internet Browser Support Add-On lets you download and open archives with one click using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.
  • Automatic installation of most software distributed in Zip files: If a Zip file contains a "setup" or "install" program, WinZip's Install feature will unzip the files, run the installation program, and clean up temporary files.
  • The WinZip Wizard: This optional feature uses the standard and familiar "wizard" interface to simplify the process of zipping, unzipping, and installing software distributed in Zip files. The WinZip Wizard is not targeted at experienced users, but is ideal for the rapidly growing number of PC users getting started with Zip files. When these users gain confidence or want to use more advanced zipping features, the full WinZip Classic interface is just a click away.
  • Favorite Zip Folders: WinZip lets you organize Zip files into one convenient list that is sorted by date, making it easier to locate all Zip files, regardless of where they came from or where they are stored. Unlike the standard Open Archive dialog box, the Favorite Zip Folders dialog box treats the contents of multiple folders as though they were one folder. A Search facility will find any Zip files lost on your hard disk.
  • Create files that unzip themselves: WinZip Self-Extractor Personal Edition is included with WinZip. Self-extracting files are ideal for sending compressed files to others who may not own or know how to use file compression software.
  • Virus Scanner Support: WinZip can be configured to work with most virus scanners.


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WinZip 10.0 Frequently Asked Questions

WinZip 10.0 Frequently Asked Questions

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