Install Google Chrome 31 on Windows


How to download Google Chrome 31? I heard it has some really nice features for Web developers.



If you want to download Google Chrome 31 Web browser on your Windows system, you can do it using these steps:

1. Using another Web browser and visit the Chrome home page:

2. Click the "Download Chrome" button. You see the "Google Chrome Terms of Service" popup page.

3. Click the "Accept and Install" button. Wait sometime and you see the Google Chrome Installer window like this:
Google Chrome 31 Installer

4. Let the Google Chrome Installer finish installing Chrome on your computer. At the end you will see the Chrome browser window showing up displaying the "Welcome to Chrome" Web page.

The Google Chrome Web browser is ready for you to enter any Web page address and to surf the Internet.


User Account Control when Installing Chrome 31

Install and Use Google Chrome 31

Install and Use Google Chrome 31

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