Installing Fitbit Bluetooth Dongle on Computer


How to install Fitbit Bluetooth Dongle on my Windows computer?



Fitbit device comes with a Bluetooth Dongle that allows you to connect your Fitbit device to a Windows computer. But you need to install the Dongle to the computer with these steps:

1. Insert the Dongle into a USB port on your Windows computer. You will see a new device showing up on the taskbar with a message of "Installing device driver software".

Installing Fitbit Bluetooth Dongle
Installing Fitbit Bluetooth Dongle

2. Click on the device icon. You will see the device drive installation status.

3. Wait until all device drivers are installed. You will see 3 device drivers installed as below:

USB Composite Device    Ready to use
Fitbit Base Station     Ready to use
Fitbit Base Station     Ready to use

Fitbit Dongle Device Driver Installation


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