Join Meeting without Skype for Business Account on iPhone


How to join a Skype for Business meeting without Skype for Business account on iPhone?



If you do not have a Skype for Business account, you can still joint a Skype for Business meeting as described in this tutorial:

1. Start Skype for Business and don't sign in. You cannot sign in anyway since your don't a Skype for Business account.

2. Start Calendar and open the Skype for Busienss meeting invite, which has "Skype Meeting" text displayed. You see meeting event details screen.

3. Scroll down, you see two links:

--> Join Skype Meeting<>
Trouble Joining? Try Skype Web App<>

4. If you don't see the link, tap on "Show All Notes". You see the Join Skype Meeting link. The URL may have a different format like:, where "abc" is the organization name.

5. Tap on the first link "Join Skype Meeting". You see a Skype for Business page with a prompt to open "Business".

6. Tap on Open. You see the Skype for Business screen with "Sign In" and "Join Meeting" options.

7. Tap on "Join Meeting". Skype asks for your name.

8. Enter your name. You will be connected to the meeting lobby,

9. Wait for the meeting organizer to admit you into the meeting.

The picture below shows you how to join "Skype for Business" meeting without "Skype for Business" account organization on iPhone:
Join Meeting with Skype for Business Account n iPhone


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