Convert Word Documents into MHTML Files


How to convert a Word document into an MHTML? I have a nice Word document and want to publish it on my Website. Can I convert my word document into a single file Web page?



Yes, you can easily convert a Word document into an MHTML file (a single web page file with all resources included) with Word in 4 steps:

1. Open your word document (extension .docx) in Word.

2. Click the File menu, then click Save As menu item. You will see the "Save As" box showing up.

3. In the "Save as type:" field, select "Single File Web Page (*.mht; *.mhtml)" option from the dropdown list.

4. Click the Save button. A Web page will be created with a single file named as file_name.mht. No other supporting files are generated.

If you open this .mht file in Internet Explorer, the document content will be displayed nicely.

But if you try to open this .mht file in Firefox, it will not be recognized as a Web page file. You will see Firefox displaying a dialog box asking you what to do with this file. Opening MHTML Web Page in Firefox


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