View Log Files of Skype for Business on iPhone


How to view log files generated from Skype for Business on iPhone?



Log files are turned on by default in Skype for Business to help debugging any issues occurred. To view log files, you need to need to send them out as an email as described in the previous tutorial first. Then you can follow this tutorial to open and view them on a PC:

1. Open the Skype for Business log file email on your PC. You see two or more attachments: sfbios.log, sfbios.old.log, ...

2. Save the attached log file to temporary folder like, C:\fyicenter\sfbios.log.

3. Open the log file in Notepad. You lots of log lines like:

15:11:58.681 ... INFO UTILITIES Information
15:11:58.684 ... INFO UTILITIES CTimer.cpp:657 TimerMap is created 
15:11:58.718 ... INFO UI Application will finish launching with options
15:11:58.726 ... INFO UTILITIES Creating StorageManager
15:11:58.736 ... INFO UTILITIES Initializing StorageManager
15:11:58.799 ... INFO APPLICATION CApplication.cpp:3661 Initialize Internal Begin
15:11:58.802 ... INFO UTILITIES User UI language identifier 
   en was mapped to en-US 1033
15:11:58.803 ... INFO UTILITIES Device Version Info 
   - Model=iPhone, HardwareModel=iPhone8,1, SystemName=iOS, SystemVersion=10.3.1
15:11:58.803 ... VERBOSE APPLICATION CApplication.cpp:3676 Initialize Internal 
   -- App State Query Established
15:11:58.805 ... INFO UTILITIES CNetworkMonitor.cpp:70 Successfully started listening to network events
15:11:58.805 ... INFO UTILITIES CNetworkMonitor.cpp:229 Reachabilility Flags
15:11:58.805 ... INFO UTILITIES CNetworkMonitor.cpp:198 Updated 
   networkAvailableToConnect(NoNetwork) -> WiFi, isInAirplaneMode(0) -> 0
15:11:58.806 ... INFO UTILITIES CTimer.cpp:227 Created timer instance (0x74090d38) 
   for runloop (0x7017c500)
15:11:58.806 ... INFO TRANSPORT CEventChannelManager.cpp:806 Received network monitor 
   event so restarting event channel.
15:12:20.150 000000016df3f000 WARNING UI ADT: SFBFilterUrlProtocol 
15:14:08.073 ... INFO APPLICATION CUcwaAutoDiscoveryService.cpp:2114 Successfully started 
   the GetUserUrlOperation request for
15:14:08.074 000000016dfcb000 INFO TRANSPORT TransportUtilityFunctions.cpp:675 <SentRequest>
Request Id: 0x104aa5cd0
HttpHeader:Accept application/;v=1


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