Remove All Private Information Stored by Google Chrome 55


How to remove all private information stored by Google Chrome 55?



After you have used Google Chrome for a period of time, it will store different types of private information that you used while visiting Websites like:

Browsing History
Saved Form Information
Saved Passwords
Download History
Authenticated Sessions

If you want to remove the recorded private information, you can follow these steps.

1. Click the "! > Settings" icon menu from the top right corner of the window. You see the "chrome://settings" page showing up.

2. Click the "Show advanced settings..." link.

3. Click the "Clear browsing data..." button in the "Privacy" section. You see the "chrome://settings/clearBorwserData" page showing up.

4. Set "Obliterate the following items from:" to "the beginning of time".

5. Check all private data items listed below:

[x] Browsing history
[x] Download history
[x] Cookies and other site and plugin data
[x] Cached images and files
[x] Passwords
[x] Autofill form data
[x] Hosted app data
[x] Media licenses

6. Click "Clear browser data" button to remove private data of all selected types.
Google Chrome 55 - Clear Private Data.


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