Download Files Location for Google Chrome 55


Where does Google Chrome 55 store download files?



When you download files from Websites, Google Chrome 55 stores them to a pre-defined location on your hard disk. This tutorial shows you how to define download file location.

1. Click the "! > Settings" icon menu from the top right corner of the window. You see the "chrome://settings" page showing up.

3. Click the "Show advanced settings..." link.

2. Review settings in the "Downloads" section.

Download location: ___________ [Change...]
[x] Ask where to save each file before downloading

3. Use the "Change..." button to set "Download location" field to C:\fyicenter\downloads as in this picture.
Google Chrome 55 - Download Location Settings.

With this setting, all downloaded files will be stored in C:\fyicenter\downloads directory.


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